Welcome to the Rockville Public Library’s Seed Lending Library!

Made possible through a grant from Vermont-based seed company, High Mowing Organic Seeds, the seed library features a variety of 100% organic, non-GMO seeds for vegetables, greens, herbs, and flowers. With cosmos, tomatoes, butternut squash, dill, zinnia seeds, and more up for grabs, there’s something for everyone!

RPL will be opening our Seed Lending Library to the public on March 8th. If you want to pick up vegetable, flower, or herb seeds, you can book an appointment to visit the library or request seeds by curbside pick up.

How do I sign up?

Anyone interested in borrowing seeds must fill out a membership form, located in a binder next to the seeds. Though you’ll only need to give us your name and contact information once, we ask that you record which seeds you’ve taken every time you borrow from us.

So I can supply my entire garden this summer from your seed library?

Well, to some extent. There’s a limited supply of seeds, so we prefer that patrons be reasonable about how many they take overall. You CAN take a whole seed packet, but if you don’t think that you’ll use all the seeds inside, then grab an orange coin envelope and take just what you need.

But wait, how do you “lend out” seeds?

Though we don’t expect patrons to save seeds, we do take donations of non-GMO commercial seeds in an effort to make this project more sustainable. When you bring seeds in, please make a record of it on your membership form.

I’m a first time gardener!

Great! We’re here to support you. The library has a variety of gardening books, covering urban gardening, vegetable gardens, container gardens, flower gardens, and more! We’re also planning gardening workshops during the growing season—check our Facebook or website for workshop offerings.

You didn’t answer all my questions!!!

Oh, okay. Caitlin Kelley, the library’s assistant director, would be happy to answer any further questions and to make gardening recommendations. You can ask for her at the desk.