Room Use Policy

The Rockville Public Library has two meeting rooms, the Peck Room and Conference Room, available for public use. While the first priority is given to events conducted or sponsored by the library or the Town. Community groups may also use the rooms.

Only non-commercial tax-exempt, religious, civic, or governmental groups may use the rooms free of charge. However, if the event goes beyond the normal Library hours, a fee of $25 per hour will be required

Commercial groups or non-Vernon/Rockville residents/groups may rent the meeting rooms for an hourly rate of $25.

Booking is on a first come, first served basis; the library reserves the right to refuse permission to use the Meeting Rooms if the room is needed for library services.

The rooms may be reserved up to 4 months in advance, but no less than seven days before the scheduled event.

Meetings, programs, and exhibits must be open to the public free of charge; the room may not be used for religious services; and no fees, dues or donation may be solicited by any meeting/exhibit/program. Items may be sold in the Meeting Room and/or at a library event only with prior approval of the Library Director.

1. The library reserves the right to seek references of any group before booking the room.

2. Granting permission to use the library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the library or staff on any position or issue stated in the program, meeting or exhibit; there is no obligation on the part of the library to provide an equal time meeting/program/exhibit.

3. It is the responsibility of the individual/group submitting the application to see that the room is set up with chairs, and tables, and to see that the room is left as they found it at the end of the program/meeting/exhibit.

4. The individual or group submitting this application must attach an insurance certificate to the application form which indicates that their liability limit is at least $500,000 per occurrence and which lists the “Rockville Public Library” as “additional insured.”

5. The library will not be responsible for any damage, destruction, or loss to any equipment, materials or display items of an organization or individual.

6. The library will not provide any equipment or material for use by any group or organization, nor will it provide storage space; any materials brought to the program/meeting/exhibit must be removed at its conclusion.

7. Fire regulations prohibit smoking and limit the number of people in the room to 70 in the Peck Room and 32 in the Conference Room.

8. Light refreshments and beverages may be served in the meeting rooms only and may not be brought to other areas of the library as the library does not have kitchen facilities for use by outside groups or organizations.

9. Failure to comply with the aforementioned policy and regulations may result in the group or organization being asked to leave and/or denied future use of the meeting rooms.

10. Final decision on room usage rests with the Library Director.

Rev. 01/2019