Over one hundred fifty (150) Connecticut library locations are proud to participate in the Connecticut Library Association’s Passport to Connecticut Libraries Program this year. To celebrate National Library Week during April, the Passport to Connecticut Libraries Program invites you to visit all of the participating Connecticut public libraries. Each library has its own architecture, vibe, and collection to explore and browse! The program is open to adults and children, and the hope is that it encourages residents to explore the amazing diversity of our public libraries.

How do you participate? Starting on April 1, visit us to pick up your Passport. We will stamp it and you will receive a token gift to get you started. Then, take your Passport along as you visit other participating libraries. At each visit the library will stamp your Passport and may give you another small gift. You have the whole month of April to collect your stamps. (Please note: not all Connecticut libraries are participating and not all participating locations are giving gifts! Please be kind to library staff.)

If you visit at least five (5) participating libraries and return your Passport back to us by May 10, 2024, then you will be entered into a state-wide drawing for a chance to win a $200 Visa gift card for adults (18 and up) and a $200 Visa gift card for children (under 18). This is a state-wide contest where four winners will be selected: one adult and one child from a random drawing from all returned Passports with at least five separate library stamps, and the one adult and one child who visited the most libraries/received the most stamps.

For a list of participating libraries, click here. You will receive a copy of the list when you pick up your passport.