Rockville Public Library Services for the Homebound

The Services for Homebound Program provides free delivery of books, large print books and books on CD (compact disk) to Vernon patrons who cannot leave their homes to come to the Library.

The procedure for using the Homebound Program:
• Patrons interested receiving homebound services can contact the Library at 860-875-5892 (ext. 1) and leave a message for the program coordinator. You can also fill out a printable application and mail it to the library, c/o Jean Luddy.
• The coordinator will return the call and gather some information about the patron’s location and reading preferences. Based on the patron’s interests, books, large print books or books on CD will be selected and checked out to the patron.
• The coordinator will contact a volunteer driver from the Friends of the Rockville Library. The driver will call the patron to set up a time for delivery that is convenient to both people.
• The driver will pick up the new books from the Library, deliver them to the patron and return any finished materials to the Library.
• The loan period for books is 3 three weeks. If more time is needed to finish a book, the patron can call the Circulation Desk at 860-875-5892 (ext. 1) to request a renewal which will be done over the telephone. The only books that cannot be renewed are those on the Best Seller list or those that have been reserved by other patrons.
• When ready to return the materials, the patron calls the library to leave a message for the program coordinator who will return the call. When the coordinator calls back, the patron can request more books or ask that the completed titles be picked up by the driver. Since this program is managed by volunteers from the Friends of the Library, it may take several days to coordinate calls and drivers. In addition to people who cannot leave their homes, the service is also available to people who are confined to their homes for short periods of time due to medical conditions.

Through the Homebound Services Program, the Rockville Library and the Friends of the Library reach out to our valued patrons in the community.

For further information, please call the Rockville Public Library at 860-875-5892 (ext. 1)