Holocaust Collection




1942 Groom, Winston
1941 The Year That Keeps Returning Goldstein, Slavko
48 Hours of Kristallnacht Bard, Michael G
50 Children Pressman, Steven
Abandonment of the Jews Wyman, David
After Auschwitz Schloss, Eva
After Daybreak Shephard, Ben
After Long Silence Fremont, Helen
After Such Knowledge Hoffman, Eva
After the Holocaust Brenner, Michael
Alex’s Wake Goldsmith, Martin
Allies at War Berthon, Simon
Along the Edge of Annihilation Patterson, David
American Heritage Picture History of WW ll Sulzberger, C L
Among the Righteous Satloff, Robert B
Anatomy of the Nuremburg Trials Taylor, Tedford
And the Crooked Shall be Made Straight Robinson, Jacob
And the World Closed its Doors Large, David Clay
And the Wtnesses Were Silent Gerlach, Wolfgang
Anne Frank Bull,  Angela
Anne Frank Jacobson, Sidney
Anne Frank Case, The: Rubin, Susan Goldman
Anne Frank The Biography Muller, Melissa
Architects of Annihilation Aly, Gotz
Army of Evil Weale, Adrian
As If It Were Life Manes, Philipp
At the Mercy of Strangers Loebl, Suzanne
At the Mercy of Strangers Hopfield, Gitel
Auschwitz Nyiszli, Miklos
Auschwitz Rees, Laurence
Auschwitz Steinbacher, Sybille
Auschwitz Report Levi, Primo
Auschwitz Volunteer Pilecki, Witold
Avengers Cohen, Rich
Bad Faith Callil, Carman
Becoming Eichmann Cesarani, David
Behind Enemy Lines Cohn, Marthe
Behind Japanese Lines with the OSS in Burma Dunlop, Richard
Bens Story Wessels, Benjamin Leo
Berlin Diary Shirer, William L
Black Angels Butler, Rupert
Born Jewish Liebman, Marcel
Born Survivors Holden, Wendy
Boxer’s Story, The Shapow, Nathan
Boy Who Loved Anne Frank Feldman, Ellen
Boy, The Porat, Dan
Brief Stop, A Rosenberg,Goran
Brothers in Arms Duffy, Peter
Buried By the Times Leff, Laurel
Business of Genocide Allen, Michael Thad
Can it Happen Again
Case Closed Cohen, Beth
Catholics Confronting Hitler Bartley, Peter
Century of Horrors Besancon, Alain
Century of Wisdom Stoessinger, Caroline
Child of the Holocaust Kuper, Jack
Children in the Holocaust and World War II
Children of the Flames Matalon Lagnado, Lucette
Children of the Holocaust Epstein, Helen
Children With a Star Dwork, Deborah
China, Burma India Moser, Don
Choice Eber, Irene
Choice Eber, Irene
Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941 1944
Chronologoy: 1941-1945 U.S. Army in World War II Williams, Mary H.
Church of Spies Riebling, Mark
Closing the Books Weiss, Charles
Color of Courage Kulski, Julian
Columbia Guide to the Holocaust Niewyk, Donald L
Commandant, The Hoess, Rudolph
Convoy to Auschwitz Delbo, Charlotte
Crossing Hitler Hett, Benjamin Carter
Cruel World Nicholas, Lynn H
Dancing with the Enemy Glaser, Paul
Days of Remembrance, April 18 25 1993
Defiance Tec, Nechama
Defy the Darkness Rosenblum, Joe
Defying the Nazis The Sharps’ War Joukowsky, Artemis
Delivered From Evil Leckie, Robert
Denial Holocaust History on Trial Lipstadt, Deborah E
Deutsche Bank & the Nazi Economic War Against the Jews James, Harold
Diary of Bergen-Belsen 1944-1945 Levy-Hass, Hanna
Diary of Mary Berg Berg, Mary
Diary of Petr Ginz 1941 1942 Ginz, Petr
Disobeying Hitler Hansen, Randall
Doctor Goebbels Manvell, Roger
Documentary History of the Jews in the US 1654 1875
Edith Stein & Companions Hamans, Father Paul
Edith’s Story Velmans Van Hessen, Edith
Eichmann Trial Diary, The Minerbi, Sergio
Eichmann Trial, The Lipstadt, Deborah E
Emissary of the Doomed Florence, Ronald
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life, The Vol 1
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life, The Vol 2
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life, The Vol 3
Envoy Kershaw, Alex
Escape From the Thrid Reich Persson, Sune
Even to the Edge of Doom Schiff, William and Rosalee
Every Day Lasts a Year
Explaining Hitler Rosenbaum,  Ron
External Nazi, The Kulish, Nicholas
Facing the Catastrophe
Fatal Silence Katz, Robert
Final Soulution The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949 Cesarani, David
Five Days in London, May 1940 Lukacs, John
Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto Goldstein, Bernard
Flares of Memory
Flight From the Reich Dwork, Deborah
Flory Van Beek, Flory A
Forger Schonhaus, Cioma
Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust Smith, Lyn
Four Perfect Pebbles Perl, Lila
Fragility of Goodness
Frank Family That Survived, The Sander, Gordon F
Freedom Road, 1944 1945 Collier, Richard
Future of the Holocaust Lang, Beryl
Garden in Hell Muller, Melissa
Generation Exodus Laqueur, Walter
Genocide and Rescue
German Army and Genocide Hamberg Institute
Gestapo Butler, Rupert
Gestapo Delarue, Jacques
Gestapo, The Dams, Carsten
Ghost Waltz Day, Ingeborg
Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz Koren, Yehuda
Girl in the Green Sweater Chiger, Krystyna
Girl in the Green Sweater Chiger, Krystyna
Glimpses Bender, Benjamin
Goering Manvell, Roger
Gold Train Zweig, Ronald W
Golden Harvest Gross, Jan Tomasz
Good Old Days Klee, Ernst
Good Place to Hide, A Grose, Peter
Hand of Compassion Monroe, Kristen Renwick
Hands of War, The Ingram, Marione
Hanns and Rudolf Harding, Thomas
Have You Ever Been to Skarzysko? Celinski, Usher
Heavens are Empty Bendavid Val, Avrom
Heinrich Himmler Manvell, Roger
Heinrich Himmler Manvell, Roger
Helga’s Diary Weiss, Helga
Heydrich Dederichs, Mario R
Hidden Childhood, 1942 1945 Weinstein, Frida Scheps
Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto US Holocaust Museum
Hidden Letters Slier, Philip
Hide and Seek Cahn Tober, Theresa
Hide and Seek Walker, Steven
Hiding in the Spotlight Dawson, Greg
Himmler’s Nazi Concentration Camp Guards Baxter, Ian
Historical Atlas of the Holocaust
History of the Second World War Liddell Hart, Basil Henry
History on Trial Lipstadt, Deborah E
Hitler and the Holocaust Wistrich, Robert s
Hitler in the Crosshairs Possley, Maurice
Hitler, the Germans and the Final Solution Kershaw, Ian
Hitler’s Beneficiaries Aly, Gotz
Hitler’s Bounty Hunters Liempt, Ad van
Hitler’s Elite: The SS 1939-45
Hitler’s Exiles
Hitler’s First Victims Ryback, Timothy
Hitler’s Henchmen Knopp, Guido
Hitler’s Holocaust Knopp, Guido
Hitler’s Savage Canary Lampe, David
Hitler’s Scientists Cornwell, John
Hitler’s Secret Bankers Lebor, Adam
Hitler’s Traitors Ottoway, Susan
Hitle’rs Willing Executioners Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah
Holocaust Newman, Aubrey
Holocaust Yahil, Leni
Holocaust and the Christian World
Holocaust and the Christian World
Holocaust Chronicle
Holocaust Industry Finkelstein, Norman G
Holocaust on Trial Guttenplan, D D
Holocaust:The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews Longerich, Peter
Home Front, USA Bailey, Ronald H
Hours After Klein, Gerda Weissmann
House of Ashes Pinkus, Oscar
How Could This Happen McMillan, Dan
Hunting Evil Walters, Guy
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors Eisenstein, Bernice
I Will Bear Witness Klemperer,  Victor
I Will Bear Witness Klemperer, Victor
IBM and the Holocaust Black,  Edwin
Images of War Nazi Concetration Camp Commandants 1933-1945 Baxter, Ian
Imperfect Justice Eizenstat, Stuart
In Defense of a Nation
In Hitler’s Shadow Evans, Richard J
In Mania’s Memory Birnie, Lisa
In Our Hearts We Were Giants Koren, Vehuda
In the Beginning Was the Ghetto Rosenfeld, Oskar
Inextinguishable Symphony Goldsmith, Martin
Infamy Reeves, Richard
Inherit the Truth Wallfisch Lasker, Anita
Inside Anne Frank’s House Anne Frank House
Interrogations Overy, Richard
Interrupted Journeys Gill, Alan
Into that Darkness Sereny, Gitta
Into the Arms of Strangers Harris, Mark Jonathan
Into the inferno Palgi, Yoel
Irena’s Children Mazzeo, Tilar
Isaac’s Army Brzezinski, Matthew
Island Fighting Steinberg, Rafael
It Happened in Italy Bettina, Elizabeth
Italian Campaign Wallace, Robert
Japan at War Cook, Haruko Taya
Jerusalem of Lithuania Shneidman, N N
Jews & Germany Traverso, Enzo
Jews for Sale Bauer, Yehuda
Jews in Fascist Italy DeFelice, Renzo
Journal of Helene Berr Berr, Helene
Judenrat Jrunk, Isaiah
Judgment Before Nuremberg Dawson, Greg
Jump for Life Cyprys, Ruth Altbeker
June Lukacs, John
June Nineteen Forty One Lukacs, John
Justice at Nuremberg Conot, Robert E
Justice at Nuremberg Conot, Robert E
Kasztner’s Train Porter, Anna
Killing Hitler Moorhouse, Roger
Kilroy was Here Osgood, Charles
Kingdom of Auschwitz Friedrich, Otto
KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps Wachsmann, Nikolaus
Kommandants Girl Jenoff, Pam
Kristallnacht Gilbert, Martin
Kristallnacht Gilbert, Martin
Krueger’s Men Malkin, Lawrence
Lampshade Jacobson, Mark
Last Days Spielberg, Steven
Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania Kruk, Herman
Last European War, September 1939 December 1941 Lukacs, John
Last Jew of Treblinka Rajchman, Chil
Last Jews in Berlin Gross, Leonard
Last Jews in Berlin Gross, Leonard
Last Waltz in  Vienna Clare, George
Legions of Death Butler, Rupert
Liberation Blumenson, Martin
Liberation of the Camps, The Stone, Dan
Life Between Memory and Hope Mankowitz, Zeev W
Life In the Third Reich Daily Life in Nazi Germany 1933-1945 Roland, Paul
Lifesaving Letters Roth, Milena
Light One Candle Ganor, Solly
Lisbon Route Weber, Ronald
Literature of the Holocaust
Lost Mendelsohn, Daniel Adam
Lost Cellos of Lev Aronson Brent, Frances Padorr
Love, Otto Wilson, Cara
Lucky Child Buergenthal, Thomas
Lying about Hitler Evans,  Richard J.
Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz Avey, Denis
Marcel Network Coleman, Fred
Mascot Kurzem, Mark
Masquerade Soros, Tivadar
Masters of Death Rhodes, Richard
Measure of a Man Greenfield, Martin
Memory Grimbert, Philippe
Men with the Pink Triangle Heger, Heinz
Minsk Ghetto 1941-1943 Epstein, Barbara
Model Nazi Epstein, Catherine
Mother and Me Padowicz, Julian
Motherland Goldberg,Rita
Music in Terezin 1941 1945 Karas, Joza
My Brother’s Keeper Gragg, Rod
My Father’s Keeper Lebert, Stephan
My Father’s Roses Kohner, Nancy
My German Question Gay, Peter
My Just War Temkin, Gabriel
National Cleansing Frommer, Benjamin
Nazi AntiSemitism Burrin, Phillipe
Nazi Connection Kuhl, Stefan
Nazi Conscience Koonz, Claudia
Nazi Germany and the Jews Friedlander, Saul
Nazi Germany and the Jews Friedlander, Saul
Nazi Hunter Hevy, Alan
Nazi Hunter Levy, Alan
Nazi Hunters, The Nagorski, Andrew
Nazi Officer’s Wife Beer, Edith Hahn
Nazi Terror Johnson, Eric A
Nazi Titanic, The Watson, Robert P.
Nazis After Hitler McKale, Donald M
Nazis Next Door, The Lichtblau, Eric
Nazism and War Bessel, Rchard
Neighbors Respond
Neighbors:the Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland Gross, Jan T
Nightmare in History Chaikin, Miriam
No Common Place Zwirn, Alina Bacall
No Time to Wave Goodbye Wicks, Ben
Nuremberg Diary Gilbert, G M
Nuremberg Interviews Goldensohn, Leon
Nuremberg Interviews Goldensohn, Leon
Nuremberg Trials Roland, Paul
Nuremberg Trials MacDonald, Alexander
Odyssey Bierman, John
Odyssey Oierman, John
Official Secrets Breitman, Richard
On Burning Ground Skakun, Michael
On Listening to Holocaust Survivors Greenspan, Henry
One Bridge to Life Samelson, William
One Who Came Back Katz, Josef
Open Heart Wiesel
Operation Last Chance Zuroff, Efraim
Operation Mincemeat Macintyre, Ben
Operation Mincemeat Macintyre, Ben
Origins of the FinalSolution Browning, Christopher R
Oskar Schindler Crowe, David
Other Schindlers Grunwald Spier, Agnes
Our Immortal Soul Bonder, Rabbi Nilton
Our Mother’s War Yellin, Emily
Our Only Crime was Being Jewish Pitch, Anthony S
Out of the RedShadows Kostyrchenko, G
Pack of Thieves Chesnoff, Richard Z
Paper Love Wildman, Sarah
Partisans and Guerrillas Bailey, Ronald H
Past in Hiding Roseman, Mark
Pearl Harbor Christmas Weintraub, Stanley
People of the Holocaust Schmittroth, Linda
People of the Holocaust Schmittroth, Linda
Petain’s Crime Webster, Paul
Philosopher of Auschwitz, The Heidelberger-Leonard, Irene
Politics of Memory Hilberg, Raul
Pope’s Jews, The Thomas, Gordon
Pope’s Last Crusade Eisner, Peter
Post Holocaust Politics Kochavi, Arieh
Prague Golem, The
Prelude to Catastrophe Shogan, Robert
Prelude to Pearl Harbor Stanley, Roy M
Prelude to the Holocaust Pogrom November 1938 Levitt, Ruth
Priestblock 25487 Bernard, Jean
Promise to Remember Berenbaum, Michael
Pursuit Fish, Robert L
Pushing Time Away Singer, Peter
Race Against Death Wyman, David S
Raoul Wallenberg The Biography Carlberg, Ingrid
Rather Die Fighting Blaichman, Frank
Rather Die Fighting Blaichman, Frank
Ravensbruck Helm, Sarah
Reckless Clavin, Tom
Red Cross and the Holocaust Favez, Jean Claude
Refuge in hHell Silver, Daniel B
Reign of Terror Langlet, Valdemar
Reluctant Witnesses Stein, Arlene
Remember Us Small, Martin
Remembering in Vain Finkielkraut, Alain
Remembering Survival Browning, Christopher R
Reporting World War l
Reporting World War l
Rescue Meltzer, Milton
Rescue as Resistance Lazare, Lucien
Rescued from the Reich Rigg,  Bryan Mark
Resistance Humbert, Agnes
Resistance Tec, Nechama
Rethinking the Holocaust Bauer,  Yehuda
Return to the Phillippines Steinberg, Rafael
Righteous Gilbert, Martin
Righteous Gilbert, Martin
Righteous Among Nations Paldiel, Mordecai
Righteous Among the Nations Paldiel, Mordecai
Rise & Fall of the Nazis Welch, Claire
Roman’s Journey Halter, Roman
Roman’s Journey Halter, Roman
Roommates Apple, Max
Roosevelt and the Holocaust Beir, Robert
Root and the Bough Schwartz, Leo W.
Ruth Maier’s Diary Maier, Ruth
Rutka’s Notebook Laskier, Ruth
Saddest Ship Afloat Lawlor, Allison
Salvaged Pages
Saving the Jews Rosen, Robert N
Saving theForsaken Oliner, Pearl
Scenes From the End Manuel, Frank Edward
Scourge of the Swastika Russell, Edward Frederick
Search for Gestapo Muller Whiting, Charles
Search for Major Plagge Good, Michael
Searching for Schindler Keneally, Thomas
Second Front Botting, Douglas
Second World War v1 Churchill, Winston
Second World War v2 Churchill, Winston
Second World War v3 Churchill, Winston
Second World War v4 Churchill, Winston
Second World War v5 Churchill, Winston
Second World War v6 Churchill, Winston
Secret City Paulsson, Gunnar S
Secret War Against the jews Loftus, John
Setting of the Pearl Weyr, Thomas
Shanghai Refuge Heppner, Ernest G
Short, Strange Life of Herschel Grynszpan, The Kirsch, Jonathan
Sidonia’s Thread Marcus, Hanna Perlstein
Sidonia’s Thread Marcus, Hanna Perlstein
Silent Rebel Schreiber, Marion
Simon Wiesenthal Segev, Tom
Small Miracles of the Holocaust Halberstam, Yitta
Small Town Near Auschwitz, A Fulbrook, Mary
Social History of the Third Reich Aycoberry, Pierre
Soldiers and Slaves Cohen, Roger
Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler Kanter, Trudi
Somewhere There Is Still a Sun Gruenbaum, Michael
Song is Over, The Brenner, Henny
Song of Survival Colijn, Helen
Special Mission Kurzman, Dan
SS, The:A Warning from History Knopp, Guido
State of Israel vs Adolf Eichmann Yablonka, Hanna
Staying Human Stegelmann, Katharina
Story of Anne Frank Pressler,, Mirjam
Such Good Girls Rosen, R.D.
Suite Francaise Nemirovsky, Irene
Surviving Auschwitz Nieuwsma, Milton J
Surviving the Angel of Death Kor, Eva Mozes
Surviving the Reich Goldstein, Ivan
Survivor Pivnik, Sam
Test of Courage Robbins, Christopher
Thanks to My Mother Rabinovits, Shoshanah
There Once Was a World Eliach, Yaffa
They Dared Return O’Donnell, Patrick
This Has Happened Sonnino, Piera
This is Berlin Shirer, William L
Three Minutes in Poland Kurtz, Glenn
Three Tragic Heroes fo the Vilnius Ghetto Shneidman, N N
Through the Eyes of the Innocents Werner, Emmy E
Transfer Agreement Black, Edwin
Treasures From the Attic Pressler,, Mirjam
Treblinka Rajchman, Chil
Trial of the Germans Davidson, Eugene
Twentieth Train Schreiber, Marion
Unauthorized Entry Margolin, Howard
Underground In Berlin Simon, Marie Jalowicz
Unlikely Warrior A Jewish Soldier in Hitler’s Army Rauch, Georg
Unwritten Order Longerich, Peter
Vatican Pimpernel Fleming, Brian
Verdict on Vichy Curtis, Michael
Victims Fortune Authers, John
Village of Secrets Moorehead, Caroline
Violent Justice Imonti, Miyoko & Felix
Voice in the Chorus abraham zuckerman Zuckerman, Abraham
Voices from the Holocaust
Voyage of the Damned Thomas, Gordon
Wallenberg Marton, Kati
War Against the Weak Black, Edwin
War in the Desert Collier, Richard
War to Be Won Murray, Williamson
Warlord and the Renegade Wyllie, James
Warsaw 1944 Richie, Alexandra
Warsaw Boy Borowiec, Andrew
We All Wore Stars Coster, Theo
What They Didn’t Teach You About World War ll Wright, Mike
What We Knew Johnson, Eric A
When They cCame to Take My father
When They come For Us We’ll Be Gone Beckerman, Gal
Who Betrayed the Jews? Grunwald-Spier, Agnes
Why We watched Hamerow, Theodore S
With a Camera in the Ghetto Grossman, Mendel
Witness House, The Kohl, Christine
Witness to Nuremberg Sonnenfeldt, Richard
Words to Outlive Us
World Without Jews, A Confino, Alon
Written in Memory Wolin, Jeffrey A
Years of Extermination Friedlander, Saul
Yellow Star Unsdorfer, Simcha
Your Life is Worth Mine Kurek, Ewa
Two Sisters Krancberg, Livia Szabo
Eichmann Before Jerusalem Stangneth, Bettina
Rena’s Promise Gelissen, Rena Kornreich
Escaping Hitler Scrivens, Phyllida
Black Earth The Holocaust as History and Warning Snyder, Timothy
Perfect Horse, The Letts, Elizabeth
Images of War Auschwitz and Birkenau Baxter, Ian